Light salad mango and radish

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7531390-mango-con-secci-n-sobre-un-fondo-blancoA light salad with a delicious sweet and sour combination

Bittersweet salads can become very attractive for those who enjoy the contrasts of flavors in one dish. You can try this light option, which has radishes and handle as main ingredients.

Mango, besides being a tropical, sweet, fresh and very fragrant fruit is an excellent ally in the diet to lose weight. It provides fiber, vitamins, low in calories and a substance called choline, which is perfect for metabolizing fats. Therefore, nothing better than having it always present in your diet, especially if you have to hand in your friend market.

Another of the best things that the handle has in its favor is that not necessarily have to be eaten in sweet preparations, much less. In fact, it’s probably one of the fruits that best combines in sweet and sour preparations. Do you dare to try it in a delicious mango salad and radish? Not only it is completely light, but is perfect as a garnish for many meats or as a starter.


a handle
8-10 rabanitos
A piece of cucumber
One chopped scallion
A little cilantro or parsley
Half tablespoon of olive oil
A tablespoon of lemon juice or lime
A teaspoon Dijon mustard
Salt and pepper

Peel the mango and cut into medium cubes. Thoroughly clean the radishes and cut into thin slices, like the piece of cucumber you have chosen for this salad. Chop the scallions and cilantro (parsley replace it if you look too invasive) and mix all ingredients.

For this salad dressing, just you have to mix the olive oil, lime juice (lemon replaced) and mustard. It used to flavor the preparation, generating a contrast of flavors, colors and textures truly remarkable. Have that particular taste of cilantro, sweet mango, acidity of the dressing, crispy, spicy thing radishes, counterpoint Chive to impose some force … You really have to have fun with this salad, which will serve you from garnish for pork, beef, fish and also as a starter.

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