Light salad of lentils and spinach

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14711620-ensalada-de-aguacate-y-ma-zNutritious and high in iron

As usual, the salads are often a great choice when diet. But not everyone will come in handy. You can try this spinach and lentils, a combination that never fails.

Salads, if not always usually a great choice when part of your everyday diet. It is that allow you to combine a number of important nutrients, low in calories. The issue is to balance these dishes and make them useful in food to lose weight.

A good option is this light lentil salad, where it mixes with spinach and a number of tasty vegetables. You just have to try and usually consume when you need a well-rounded, tasty and nutritious dish for your diet.

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A cup of cooked lentils and previously soaked
A bunch of fresh spinach leaves
A small red onion
Cherry tomatoes
A handful of olives
A tablespoon of olive oil
A tablespoon of lemon juice
salt pepper and fresh parsley, chopped

Thoroughly wash the spinach leaves, then drain later until well dried and coarsely chop them with the hand. Arrange them in a salad bowl. There incorporates the well chopped onion, cherry tomatoes parties to medium and lentils, already by that time should be cooked and temperate preferably at room temperature, not too cold.

To spice this salad, olive oil, salt, pepper and a touch of lemon juice. Some chopped olives (green or black, you choose) and also a touch of chopped parsley, for a fresh green grass on your table never missing. So, you’ll have a salad that meets many requirements as to not miss in your diet.

It’s just satiating, it brings a lot of iron (it is perfect for people who have this kind of shortcomings, and spinach are also rich in this mineral) and is also quite light. Combining flavors, textures and colors. Come on, it’s a salad of those you should not leave out or by chance.

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