Light salad of oranges and strawberries

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23130513-OrangeAn easy dessert, light and prepared in minutes

Oranges and strawberries get along great. For this reason, you can try this delicious dessert, it is very simple to prepare and is delicious: A light salad with these two fruits.

Fruits are essential in a diet to lose weight. It is that, besides being, in almost all cases, low-calorie items, also contain nutrients that can help get you to lose weight. They have fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, are diuretic and purgative. Juice, whole, at breakfast, evenings … Just as you can think of. But they can not miss on your menu.

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The fruit proposal today is a simple light orange salad and strawberries, with a gourmet touch and completely suitable for your diet. The mixture of these two fruits works perfectly and will appeal to everyone in your home, have no doubt. For this reason, you do not have to stop to try it, because it is very easy to prepare and will delight those who are dieting and those not well.


Two oranges
A cup of strawberries
A teaspoon of olive oil
A pinch of cinnamon
allowed to taste (stevia, etc.) Sweetener
Mint leaves or mint for garnish

Peel the orange live, removing all the white part that you have left after the shell. Then cut into slices with a sharp knife and place it on a flat plate. also cuts sliced ​​strawberries and intercálalas with orange slices.

Meanwhile, with a little orange juice, a drizzle of olive oil, cinnamon and sweetener, prepares a kind of seasoning. Spices strawberries or orange salad with this dressing and preparation has been completed with a serving of mint leaves or mint to decorate and, why not, to give a touch of freshness to the preparation.

This is a perfect recipe for those who want something delicious, antioxidant, vitamins and good amount of fiber. Do not forget to try it, you will not be disappointed.

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