Light snack 90 calories

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39179796-man-fondo-mantequilla-vista-desde-arribaApple and peanut butter for anxiety sweet tooth

Sometimes the snack time comes the need to eat something sweet. This is normal and expected. Therefore, if this happens, you do not feel bad because you can dip a light snack of 90 calories, such as apple with peanut butter. This snack will help control cravings for sweets.

If you are overweight you know that anxiety sweet tooth is usually inevitable. Therefore, in these circumstances you should have on hand an emergency kit, and some recipes you could help control the anxiety.

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Within these recipes you can have the recipe for apple and peanut butter. A tasty snack just 90 calories.

Apple recipe with peanut butter

110 gr. apple with skin (57.2 calories)
1 teaspoon butter or peanut butter (30 calories)

Cut the apple into slices and smeared peanut butter on each slice of apple.
This recipe is very simple and very easy to prepare. It contains only 90 calories, and very little saturated fat. It is ideal for those who need to eat something sweet daily to control anxiety snack.

While this snack is permitted in a diet to lose weight, and you respect that controls the amount of peanut butter it is necessary. Do not fool yourself car! Because this can scupper the diet.

Sweet snacks are allowed, but in a controlled manner. You can include it in a balanced, or within a ketogenic diet diet. It is even ideal for the treatment of overweight or obese children or adolescents snack.

In addition to this snack you can consider other light snacks, such as:

15 salty snacks less than 150 calories.
15 sweet snacks less than 150 calories.
Cereal for a light breakfast.
This snack or other alternatives that I suggested, can be incorporated in a balanced diet to lose weight, such as 1500 calorie diet or the Mediterranean diet.

Remember that dieting does not mean you should not eat or diet boring. On the contrary, you can test your creativity and prepare snacks, meats and low calorie meals.

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