Light stew of white beans

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36463927-mont-n-de-jud-as-blancas-aisladas-sobre-fondo-blancoA rich stew of vegetables

The white beans are great in a rich stew, that I should know perfectly. And you can prepare one well in light tasty version. Simply follow the recipe that you proposed in the article.

Legumes generally can be a good choice when you diet and you need a light recipe. While it should not overdo them, as they may be somewhat calorie, taken in perspective, even they may even offer good properties. It is that often have protein, minerals, vitamins and fiber.

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If you crave the dishes, you can either try with this light version of the classic stew of white beans. When you touch a rather cool day or just when you feel like a plate of vegetables, here you will have to make this simple recipe, perfect for your diet.


100 grams of turkey breast
A cup of cooked beans
A tomato
Half an onion
A garlic clove
A carrot
A cup of vegetable broth
vegetable spray
pepper, paprika and chopped parsley salt,

In a heavy saucepan, put brown the turkey breast cut into cubes with vegetable spray to prevent sticking. When it is cooked and have released their liquid, add the chopped onion and garlic, plus carrot cut into small cubes. Let it saute right there all the preparation and finally incorporates the chopped tomato. When you have formed a kind of sauce, add the beans, broth and seasonings: salt, pepper and paprika.

Simmer until sauce (you decide if you want more or less thick) is reduced and this soup is ready to eat. It ends with a serving of chopped parsley on top and you’ll have ready a sensational light recipe, as it has turkey, vegetable, vegetables several and is cooked in a healthy way. That is, there is no excuse not to get it to work, it is also very easy to prepare. You can even do it with Jewish boat, if you do not want to pre-soak and boil them.

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