Light tartar sauce

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8399620-Light tartar sauceA low calorie dip, but with lots of flavor

The tartar sauce is a great accompaniment to certain foods. And you can prepare in light version without any problems. It’s just a matter of you follow the recipe proposed in this article.

The sauces are the bane of anyone. But diet situation, is not suitable either. Obviously, those who have excess fat, be quite distant. But you can also try some other variants, which quietly fit the palate of any, can be easily prepared and that are low in calories. Such is the case of this light version of the classic tartare sauce. It has pickles and those green touches so necessary in it, but is prepared based on yogurt 0%. An excellent choice for those who enjoy this traditional sauce and do not want to deprive yourself of it.


A cup of yogurt 0%
One tablespoon grated onion
A tablespoon of chopped canned pickles
A tablespoon of chopped green olives
A tablespoon of chopped parsley
Two tablespoons of grated apple
A teaspoon of olive oil
A tablespoon of lemon juice
Salt and pepper

It’s not all that complicated prepare this tartar sauce. You should start by choosing a yogurt 0% that is natural and unsweetened, suitable for cooking. Put it in a container where it will add the oil, lemon, salt, pepper, grated onion, pickles, olives, apple and parsley. If you want a bit chive in the sauce, then to march in a spoonful of it.

Mix well this tartar sauce and try to see how it is. If too acidic, perhaps a pinch of noncaloric sweetener will work well. If you think missing color, because then a pinch of turmeric to him that inevitable yellowish tint.

This will serve light tartar sauce wonders to accompany dishes of all kinds. It goes well with fish, chicken, also garnishing some steamed vegetables or baked. Not to mention that it is also a spreadable dip more than interesting. For this reason, let not try this delicious recipe, which is completely light.

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