Light turkey soup

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37635634-cierre-de-curry-verde-intenso-sopa-tailand-s-con-polloPerfect for winter and reduced calorie

A soup is one of the perfect for winter dishes. Have you ever taken turkey soup? You can prepare this recipe completely light and enjoy it whenever you want.

Turkey meat is one of the leanest and shown to be part of a low calorie menu. Obviously, it ignores fat, skin and any other kind of undesirable that this prey. But if the breast is used, for example, there is no drama.

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While it can be prepared in many ways, today we present one, perfect for winter, satiating and good light tasty soup. Follow the recipe and Use it when you have to want to have on your table a well steaming plate.


A turkey breast fillet of about 100-150 grams
A carrot
A piece of leek
A stick of celery
A piece of pepper
Half cup of corn or corn kernels
Half a liter of vegetable broth defatted
Chopped parsley for garnish
Salt and pepper

If you have the turkey breast boiled or steamed, the preparation of this soup will be even easier because you only need to shred and incorporate when the broth and boil vegetables. Otherwise, cut into small cubes and put into the broth. Right there added carrot, leek, celery and pepper, all cut into small cubes. It also incorporates corn or corn.

Boil the soup over low heat for about twenty minutes, half an hour. When that time has elapsed, you will not serve more than previously seasoning with salt and pepper. Do not forget to previously confirm that everything is appropriately cooked. finally Decorate the plate with chopped parsley.

So, you list that light turkey soup, where you have on the same plate proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, minerals, few calories and satiating power. While you can go perfectly well with the winter, during the rest of the year you can also take it without any problems. No doubt it will be a recipe that will repeat.

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