Light vegetable cake

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32509153-los-jugos-de-frutas-y-vegetalesA perfect recipe for any season

A vegetable cake is perfect for any time of year, to take both hot and cold. And even to go varying the ingredients according to the season, incorporating one or another item that is cheaper or simply is at its appointed time. You can leave without any problem of this base and adapt it to taste and craving. This cake is light, yielding and can be used both as a main dish or garnish.


A cup of yellow corn (corn, corn)
A cup of squash in cubes
A cup of diced carrot
A small bundle of broccoli or cauliflower
Two whole eggs
two clear
vegetable spray
Salt, pepper and some chopped fresh herb

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Steam, carrot, squash and broccoli (or any other crucifer of similar characteristics) are steamed (preferably boiled are also good). The corn can be used precooked without problems. Mix all vegetables, always taking care that they are more or less in a similar measure between them. Spice well with salt, pepper, chopped herbs (parsley, oregano, etc.) and whatever you feel is necessary.

Spray a baking dish with a little vegetable spray, and in the meantime, preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Mix the vegetables with the eggs and the egg whites (it does not need the dressing to snow), amalgamate well, place inside the fountain and cook in the oven until well cooked, something golden and everything ready. Say, about 20-30 minutes, approximately.

Now you will not have to enjoy this delicious light vegetable cake, which, as we said, can go great for any time of the year. Is that, if you feel like it, you take it cold without any problem, accompanied by a rich salad. Hot, in a smaller portion, is a perfect garnish for a grilled chicken breast or fish. Do not forget to try it.

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