Low Calorie Meals for Halloween

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45534337-decoraciones-de-halloween-en-el-bosque-tenebrosoHow to celebrate Halloween without losing the figure

If you are on a diet that Halloween is not a concern, since you do not have to leave the diet, you can entertain your friends on this special night, you just need to know how to celebrate without losing the figure. To do this, I will introduce you to a series of low calorie, tasty meals that are ideal for Halloween.

Halloween has become in recent years a celebration that has expanded all over the world. While Halloween is much more than a night of terror, the preparations for this special holiday, such as making candles, crafts or cards are very important.

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However, if you are on a diet may seem like a complication, but calm, because it is not! You can prepare low calorie meals and celebrate Halloween without losing your figure, you just need to know how.

Low Calorie Meals for Halloween

If you want to start your party with a cocktail, you can prepare a light drink with champagne.
A good option is to surprise your friends with a light pumpkin soup, which you can pour into special cups and allusive to the occasion. This in addition to being original, will remove the cold and increase satiety.
On the other hand, you have another option, prepare pumpkin stuffed low-calorie. In these recipes the important thing is the filling, I propose a very tasty corn kernels, onions, peppers and cheese.
Finally, you can surprise them with a tasty light pumpkin mousse. This is a simple and ideal dessert for this Halloween night.
Any of these meal options can help you craft a low calorie menu to celebrate Halloween. However, you can also consider other simple ideas, such as:

You can prepare terrifying eyes. For this you need a hard egg, to which once ready you will split in half (along), place beaten cheese 0% fat, a small piece of black olive and a long finite of red pepper. Super original!
You can also prepare low-fat oatmeal and carrot cookies and you can glaze them in a special way. Prepare the usual frosting, but add orange coloring. Even if you wish you can use marzipan and add the details of a pumpkin.
All these light and low fat options can help you to design your own Halloween themed party. Enjoy your Halloween night!

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