Low calorie menu for the beach

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15086708-caesar-saladIf you want to enjoy the beach and not add calories to your diet, you can design a menu containing light meals and refreshing

If your holiday you will enjoy the beach and want to keep your diet, you can design a low-calorie menu containing light meals to take to the beach.

So you can create your own low-calorie menu, you can look at different foods low in fat and sugar to take to the beach.

Light meals to take to the beach

Caesar salad low in calories.
Light vegetable sandwich.
Arugula and tomato salad.
Light tuna sandwich.
Chicken salad and broccoli.
Light chicken sandwich and vegetables.
The choice of these foods is not minor, because if you eat preparations rich in fat, in addition to inducing weight gain can cause you upset stomach or indigestion heat products.

To complement these light meals, you can include other foods, such as fresh fruits, different fresh vegetables or protein-rich egg or as hard gelatin light foods.

You do not have to forget to drink plenty of fluids to counteract the heat, for it could include fruit juices and / or fresh vegetables, green tea or red tea and cold mineral water.

Dieting while you’re on holiday enjoy the beach is possible, you just need to eat fresh, low-fat foods, and drink at least two liters of water.

To complete the diet the rest of the day, perhaps this example of summer diet menu is useful to you yourself can adapt your diet to your tastes. The important thing is to respect the portions and nutritional quality of food.

Remember that physical activity is essential to lose weight and keep it off. Avoid exercise in the midday, as this habit can be harmful to health. On the other hand, do not forget to take care of the sun to prevent skin problems caused by ultraviolet rays.

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