Low calorie red rice

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34700786-red riceA simple dish with rice and 300 calories

Rice is always good for any time of day and in all seasons. For this reason, let not overlook this simple recipe red rice, which is quite low in calories.

Without any doubt, rice is always a good choice when you’re dieting and when you’re not with it too. But since this is a blog where the idea is that you can nurture recipes that meet the condition of being light and healthy, but also delicious. So here you will find an option that is suitable for when you want to lose weight, but that neither you hear so good that remains.

Surely you will enjoy eating a delicious red rice even if you’re on a diet. Of course you can do it. You can choose a preferably brown rice (always better, even if it has the same calories as it provides more fiber) and follow the steps of cooking healthy I’ll tell you then. So you will have a great light recipe in just over half an hour.


70 grams of brown rice
A small onion
A large tomato
Medium red pepper
A chili pepper (optional, if you like spicy)
A cup (maybe a bit more) vegetable broth
vegetable spray
pepper, paprika and chopped parsley salt,

In a saucepan put to brown the grated onion or chopped finely with a little vegetable spray. It also incorporates the pepper (chilli pepper and, if wanted) equally. Once they are already a little more cooked rice and let incorporates a few minutes there on that basis, stirring to prevent sticking, but allowing it to absorb these flavors. Finally, add the crushed tomatoes (or two medium), paprika and broth.

Leave to cook, always stirring from time to time, until the rice is ready. Now, you have ready this delicious rice red light, which will have to spice with a little salt and pepper, finishing with chopped parsley (or any other herb of your predilection) to give the ubiquitous green touch to the dish.

Nutritional information:

70 grams of brown rice will provide about 240 calories. Broth, if you’ve prepared at home, you have no more than 30 calories per cup; maybe a little more, because fat, if you use one purchased. Vegetables together will add about 50 calories. Thus, in total, you have just over 300 calories for a full plate and, above all, quite filling.

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