Making a poached egg

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34779380-Egg whitesThe poached egg, a low calorie alternative

The caponata (also known as poached or poached) is a light alternative if you want to eat an egg in your diet. It will provide about 80 calories and is one of the healthiest ways to eat this food.

Eating egg is not entirely advisable on a diet, or other aspects of life, but would not pose too many problems if it is done in moderation and occasionally. It is that, although it has fat (and not the healthiest), an egg represents only about 80 calories. For this reason, take one sometime, will not risk your diet.

What we have to keep in mind when consuming egg, is that you do it with a healthy cooking method, which does not add calories and more fat. The caponata (also known as poached or poached), is an interesting alternative. It is prepared with water and vinegar, it is done in three minutes and left with a good tasty consistency. You can even see the end of the article a simple way (also diet) to accompany him.


100 ml of vinegar
900ml water

First, you should boil water with vinegar. Once up and boiling and seething is, make a swirl in the water. Right in the middle of it swirl, Casca the egg and place it there very carefully. The idea is that swirls make clear wrap the bud and adhere to it. They are three minutes of boiling and ready to be enjoyed.

If you want an alternative version, you will no longer be sprayed with vegetable spray film a piece of paper, enough to wrap the egg. Place the egg there, tie a knot or tie it with kitchen twine. The operations will be the same: three minutes in boiling water. Then remove the plastic wrap and will be a perfect poached egg.

To eat it so light, nothing like toast a thin slice of bread on both sides and rub lightly with a clove of garlic. Place over some boiled asparagus and then sauteed in a pan with a little vegetable spray and soy sauce. Finally, place the poached egg on top, salt and pepper. A perfect cap light, as it were.

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