Mayonnaise light soy

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11242526-sojaMayanese and soy, perfect for healthy dressing

Do you like mayonnaise but the highly caloric options out there do not trap you? Then you can prepare your own soy mayonnaise in your home. Free from animal ingredients and light. Just follow the steps and have it ready in minutes.

Mayonnaise or mayonnaise is one of those elements quite prohibited within a diet. Is that, by itself, is quite fat, due to its oil content and also to that it carries egg, something that adds more lipids and calories. But there are good alternatives to put into practice.

One of them is the Soyanese, something like a soy mayonnaise, fairly easy to prepare, with fewer calories and fats and that can serve you in your diet. Obviously, you should not abuse it, but you can do it at home in a few minutes and enjoy it whenever you want.

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Half a cup of soy milk
Half cup of sunflower or olive oil
A teaspoon of mustard
Salt and pepper

To prepare this Soyanese, you only have to put the soy milk in the glass of a mixer. Subsequently, add the cup of oil and begin to beat. Incorporate the mustard, which will act as an emulsifying agent and thus you will soon have mayonnaise, when it reaches the necessary texture.

Season with salt and pepper, add also some lemon juice if you like that fresh touch. Thus you will have a perfect, cheap and light recipe to prepare your dishes. You can also incorporate a clove of garlic to form something like an allioli. Of course, if you want pink sauce, add light ketchup or a little tomato concentrate. In short, the variants are endless once you have the base as a starting point.

As said before, even if this option is light, you should not abuse it, as it has enough oil and that translates into fat and calories. Think that each spoonful of this mayonnaise, half is oil. But, in short, it is considerably less caloric than a conventional mayonnaise. Enjoy in moderation.

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