Merengues light sugarless

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51539181-merengue-dulce-forma-tradicional-blanco-enfoque-selectivoA perfect recipe for sweet tooth

The meringues are a weakness for anyone. And the diet does not have to be an impediment to enjoy this delicious recipe light, which is also 0% fat. Do not forget to test it.

Without doubt, the merengue in general is a dessert that everyone tends to like him. That soft, frothy, crunchy and flavorful consistency is really unmatched. It’s like having a piece of heaven in the mouth, some more, some less. But obviously those who are dieting suddenly encounter with that amount of sugar that away immediately.

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But always, as we say, it is a matter of sharpening the wit and find variant. You can prepare delicious light meringues without any problems, with only egg whites mixed with sucralose, a few drops of vanilla essence and follow the steps proposed in this recipe. It would be folly to deprive you of them can eat them without any problem, since they are 0% fat, on the other hand.


Three egg whites
Five or six generous tablespoons powdered sucralose
A few drops of vanilla extract

Of course, it all starts as with any merengue: beating the egg whites until stiff. To check this point, just that they are so strong, that put upside down and will not fall off the container. then added sucralose and continue beating until everything is kept without losing consistency. Add the vanilla essence.

Place the mixture in a cooking manga and in a baking dish sprayed with vegetable spray, start placing small portions of the meringue mixture. Be careful to separate each other, as they will increase their size.

For cooking, you simply do it well under fire. Time? You take these meringues between half an hour and forty minutes or so, until golden brown on the outside and cooked inside. Then you will no longer accompany with some light fruit sweet, split them into pieces and use them with yogurt or just take them as they are, they are delicious. Anyway, let not try and deprive yourself of a recipe as well.

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