Oat soup diet

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4985644-Oat branA high-fiber recipe for weight loss

Have no doubt that oats can be very beneficial for weight loss. While you can try all possible ways, this oat soup diet you can go wonders.

Oatmeal is a great cereal for weight loss. Especially since it can help with good amounts of fiber. Thus, consuming oats, you manage to mobilize your intestines absorb fat, and all this without the rest of the properties that have this vegetable.

When incorporating it in recipes for weight loss, you can use many different versions. This is a kind of soup that is perfect for breakfast as it has a load of important fiber and the properties of the other ingredients. Also, you can make a good amount to take throughout the day, as it is very satiating and help you take your hunger.


A cup of plain oatmeal
A liter and a cup of broth soft vegetables
One or two tablespoons of miso (to taste)

To prepare this soup oatmeal, you just have to start putting the broth to boil previously. Do not prepare very strong, because the add miso be too intense flavor. As soon boil, add the oats and cook over medium heat for about ten minutes. Remove from heat, add the miso, let it dissolve and cover the pan. Let her resting overnight.

In the morning, when you wake up, preparation processes with a whisk until you have left a kind of oatmeal shake. Take a good dish for breakfast, either hot, warm or cold directly, that is to your liking.

So, you ready to eat a super complete food, with the properties of miso and of course, with the invaluable help of oats, whose fiber will give you a big hand so you can lose weight. So you just have to try this recipe and see how you find it in your breakfast … or the rest of the day.

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