Overcoming addiction flour

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Tips to control cravings for carbohydrates

Addiction flour
Hey guys, my name is Gisela and I am 24 years. I am a small framed and just need to lose 2 kg, I do aerobics and located 5 times a week. My problem is that during the day I am very strict with my diet (very balanced, except red meat) but arrives at night and I can not stop eating cakes, cookies and sweets. Can someone give me a menu? I want to stop my anxiety I generate those foods, I still want to lose 2 ks in 15 days. Thank you.
Sent by Gisela

Hello Gisela: the urge to eat sweet foods that contain white flour and can be due to different reasons, one of which is the imbalance of blood sugar levels. Therefore, one of the most auspicious time for this to occur is late at night. To try to avoid this situation you can consider a number of tricks to overcome addiction and leave the flour.

Overall flour rich foods include cookies and cakes and these cause a release of insulin that cause the “need” for sweets and foods high in flour. This addiction is necessary control to avoid becoming overweight or to achieve weight loss.

7644478-colecci-n-de-vsugar--diversos-tipos-de-cubos-de-az-car-en-un-cuadro-kelvin-superficialTricks to make flour

Eat foods that contain flour and sweet in the early hours of the day. For example you can have breakfast toast with two integral light sweet or milk shake, fruit and oatmeal or low-calorie cereals, including mid-morning you can eat a cereal bar light. As the day passes you will go reducing the consumption of these foods and incorporating more vegetables, fruits and lean meats.
If the need is to eat sweet foods, you persist consume any food that can replace as fruits, vegetables, low-fat cheese, yogurt, egg, light gelatin, etc.
If you have anxiety, drink tea and green tea, chamomile, boldo tea, linden or valerian. Surely some of these infusions will suit you.
Once a week Treat yourself and eat one serving of a food that you like.
You can chew gum, are often useful in cases of anxiety.
Use spices like cinnamon, cloves or bay. These herbs have the property to suppress hunger.

These tricks can help you overcome addiction flour, reduce anxiety and lose weight, especially if you are just 2 kilos. A good balanced diet can do is the Mediterranean diet.

I hope I’ve been helpful.
A greeting.

How to control the urge to eat carbohydrates?



Very good day, I’m losing weight but my problem is carbohydrates, food with grease can easily dismiss my daily menu and have no major problem but I love carbs especially beans and corn tortillas, just add them a few 20 grams of white shredded cheese and jalapeno peppers about 5 smoothies, can even eat it for the rest of my life the matter is that the palate is asking me, and even after having eaten about 6 corn tortillas and a half pound of beans, I think that’s what makes me gain weight because I can easily eat a whole pound of beans and about 10 corn tortillas, how I can do to avoid this feeling? how many calories will be consumed with that amount I told them that is usually ingest, 6 corn tortillas and a half pound of beans plus 20 grams of white striped cheese and jalapeno peppers five liquefied?
Submitted by James
Hello James: In order to counteract excessive consumption of carbohydrates ideally try to avoid, because when you start eating you can not stop doing it.

While I do not know exactly the size of the corn tortillas, a small unit of around 30 grams provides 32 calories, that multiplied by 6, adds about 192 calories. Furthermore, you should add 40 calories cheese and about 20 chilies. Total would add about 252 calories. If to this we add 1/4 pound of beans (365 calories) the total amount to 617 calories. He thinks that total daily calories are recommended for a man and for a woman 2500 1800-2000 calories.

There are different alternatives that can be implemented to change your habits.

When you want to eat omelets or beans, you can replace these foods with fresh fruits and vegetables. You can continue to eat the peppers because they also provide many calories and increase metabolism, expending more calories.
If you can not control directly prevents beans and tortillas.
Replace these foods with other foods rich in tryptophan and serotonin that give pleasure to you and remove your desire for carbohydrates.
Make it a goal to eat them in moderation 1 time in a week as a reward or incentive to lose weight.
If you have willpower and can control you, consume fewer tortillas and beans, half would be a start.
If once ate the tortilla feel desire to continue eating, go brush your teeth immediately, it will take your taste. Another good strategy is to chew gum or gum immediately after eating.
Make exercise to offset consumed or calories to lose weight.
Here are some strategies that allow you to change certain habits to achieve avoid anxiety by eating carbohydrates.

I hope I’ve been helpful.
A greeting.

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