Potato soup light

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The potato should not be eliminated from the diet, provided they consume it accordingly. This potato soup light is a clear choice to feed your diet.

Everyone sees the potato as one of the great taboos of any diet. Many are not wrong because they provide almost pure carbohydrate and not many properties as other “beefy” plant of the same species. But many make the mistake of eliminating it altogether, something that is not entirely necessary.

Not only have to eat fried or traditional ways. You can use them in a delicious light soup of potatoes, which is great for the winter, and where it is combined with other vegetables. Perfect for those noons where the cold attacks and there is nothing better than a bowl of soup to combat.

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two potatoes
Two carrots
two leeks
A garlic clove
Half a liter of vegetable broth defatted
vegetable spray
pepper and chopped chives salt,

Peel the potatoes and carrots and cut them into pieces of a similar size. Finely chop garlic and leeks and place them in a large pan with vegetable spray over low heat to begin to soften. then add the potatoes and carrots, complete with the vegetable broth.

Leave to cook the vegetables over medium heat, adding broth if necessary. Once they are all completely tender, you will have more to spend this soup by the mixer or food processor until smooth fit properly and homogeneous. Season with a little salt and pepper and garnish with chopped chives before serving.

So, you have a well-rounded and low calorie dish. It’s perfect to have carbohydrates in the first stage of the day, where you still need energy for the rest of the day. In addition, this option is not heat, much less as it is combined with other vegetables and the cooking method does not conspire at all with your diet. Do not hesitate to consider the potato in cases like this.

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