Rolls of quinoa, vegan, and gluten-free light

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You walk wanting to incorporate quinoa into your diet? Want to eat rolls or wraps and massless light? Then these rolls of quinoa, which are lightweight, perfect for vegans and your system will help you satisfy your expectations.
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Eating quinoa is an excellent idea for your diet. This grain really has everything, it gives you complete chains of amino acids, a great source of protein. Furthermore, it is an excellent source of fiber, is satiating and provides significant nutrients. For this reason, always worth taken into account.

If you also like the rolls or rolled, here’s a great opportunity. It is that this recipe is rolls of quinoa, but no mass. No gluten, no excess carbohydrates. Support are cabbage leaves and filling, excellent and fresh vegetables. A not to be missed!


One cup of cooked quinoa
Half a cup of grated carrot
A handful of black olives
Chopped parsley
A drizzle of olive oil
Cabbage leaves or cabbage
Salt and pepper

Cook until quinoa is tender. Once ready, add the grated carrot, chopped olives, chopped parsley and a drizzle of olive oil.
Season with salt and pepper and keep this hand filling cabbage leaves or cabbage. Choose a large well, as will the support of the filling. Blanquéalas few seconds in boiling water to loosen.
Once they are malleable, but not very tender, pass them by cold water and filled with quinoa, forming rolls.
To accompany, nothing better than a prepared tomato sauce and soy sauce.
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Other variants

With nori. Replaced by cabbage leaves nori, the sushi. It is easy to handle, very low in calories and fits perfect. Both your diet as a recipe.
With head lettuce. There are varieties of lettuce that have firm leaves and they’ll be prepared to allow the roll similarly. You can take it into account without any kind of problems.
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What gives you the quinoa to your diet

Excellent source of protein. If it is not too low in carbohydrates, for every 100 grams, about 50 are of this energy source, it also provides plenty of protein. More than 12 grams per share correspond to the essential amino acids.
It is extremely satisfying. Like all good source of fiber, quinoa will bring its remarkable ability to not feel hungry after meals.
Low in calories. If you are someone who count calories, keep in mind that 100 grams of quinoa has 350 calories. Not bad.

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