Sauteed light pork and vegetables

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17756575-carne-de-cerdo-fresca-cruda-en-la-tabla-de-cortarLow calorie low-fat pork and vegetables

The pig would not have to be forbidden territory within a diet. Of course, as long as you use it in fair amounts and using the leanest cuts you can get. If you cook it in a healthy way, oriental style, with many vegetables, it can be part of a light recipe. You only have to try this sauté or sofrito and you will see.


150 grams of leanest pork cut you get in thin strips
A medium carrot
Medium pepper
A piece of chive
A handful of soy shoots
Some fresh mushrooms (mushrooms, gyros, etc.)
Soy sauce
Vegetable spray
Salt and pepper

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A wok will be the ideal place to prepare this light fritter, but a large frying pan can also work wonders. To carry out this recipe, you will only have to brown the meat cut into strips in the hot wok, sprayed with vegetable spray.

Then, incorporate the carrot into sticks, the pepper in strips and the chives on wheels. Cook for a few minutes, and when you have the point that you consider necessary, incorporate the soy shoots and the mushrooms in slices. A stream of soy sauce, a few seconds more to the fire and ready. To correct salt and pepper and this sofrito will be ready.

Of course, you can add a touch of spice and / or ginger if you like to enhance that oriental touch of the recipe. Neither will a little parsley or fresh cilantro chopped to finish the dish. Here’s a way to eat pork in a totally light and delicious way. Do not forget to try this stir fry.

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