Shrimp cocktails slimming

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35412209-camarones-frescos-en-la-exhibici-n-en-el-mercado-de-los-pescadores-textura-del-fondoIf you are looking for the best methods for slimming, as you expect, it’s time you start to take advantage of the slimming shrimp, this is one food that does not contain a high percentage of calories or fat, the best way you can consuming is making the preparation of a enlargeable and delicious cocktail. A nice shrimp cocktail can incorporate into your daily diet to lose weight fast and healthy, it is best also can enjoy something nice and rich.

This is an excellent formula that allows you to eat rich and healthy which does not provide excess calories and fat to your diet to lose weight. To do this in need to use all your wits and skill in the kitchen for you to make the preparation of some dishes and rich and healthy foods that make you lose weight quickly and naturally, but remember that these foods should bring you the amount of nutrients needed for your body develops quite well. A good example of special healthy recipes for weight loss and essential nutrients is the cocktail shrimp, is a rich drink and especially ligth, but with the nutrients amount necessary to allow you to lose weight and also be ideal for preventing some diseases that occur when you have overweight. To make the preparation of a slimming cocktail for four people you need the following.

Ingredients: a quarter of a kilo of shrimp, two well minced brown chillies, cucumber peeled and chopped into cubes, half chopped medium onion, palm hearts, juice three lemons, three teaspoons of white vinegar, two teaspoons of olive oil, sprig of dried lavender, chopped ciboullete, salt and pepper to guato.

How to prepare: First combine all ingredients and salpimentarlo. Then sprinkle lemon juice over all ingredients and season with vinegar and olive oil. Place this combination in the cups of your choice and some ciboullette rosearlo each cup for a better picture. Place the cup in the center of a medium plate and place the rucula around the glass and sprinkle with a little olive oil.


General remarks:

By consuming a portion of shrimp cocktails Slimming be eating approximately 170 calories, fiber, omegas 3 and a high percentage of natural antioxidant which slows aging and besides allowing you lose weight helps you keep the skin in good condition.

If you do not like a lot of palm or you want to give another style you can change the palmettos and other special natural product like the avocado. If using avocado also you have to spread it on it a little lemon juice.

This healthy, wealthy and healthy foods, have a minimum percentage of calories and fat you provide a high level of fiber and unsaturated fatty acid which is ideal to lose weight and lose weight easily, also allow you to prevent certain problems they originate with obesity, such as the better known than we are cardiovascular diseases.

You must use all your skills to prepare foods that have an excellent combination of foods that have different properties and slimming benefits and all that are healthy that allow you to maintain good health. There are different options for preparing countless low potajes in calories and fat that allow you to lose weight quickly and especially without starving, you only need to clearly know the different slimming properties of each of the products and foods that use for preparation.

As this excellent choice of shrimp cocktails Slimming there are also other very good work very well so you can get that figure you so desire or if you are looking enter the prom dress or wedding dress you want to use in the coming days I hope that everything I have been able to provide much help now is for you, later to be giving you more choices and good choices so you can lose weight fast.

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