Snacks to burn fat

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11242526-sojaIt happens very often between meals gives me very hungry and my tummy starts making funny noises and calls me a snack. Therefore it is extremely important to know what snacks are healthy and they are good for weight loss. So here I leave a list:

1. roasted soy seeds: A quarter cup gives you the necessary to recover your energy and eliminate hunger proteins. It helps to lower cholesterol and prevent fluid retention.

2. Cottage cheese: It is rich in protein, calcium, vitamins, zinc and folate. It helps to regulate your digestion and is low in calories. You can combine it with apple slices or raspberries and nuts.

3. Beets: It is low in calories and has large amounts of vitamin B and folic acid. It protects you from cardiovascular disease and colon cancer. It also helps you to eliminate toxins from your body.

4. Pumpkin: It has many nutrients and vitamins. It is also low in calories because half cup contains only 80 calories. Try them roasted and served with some fresh cheese … you will love it!

5. Green Beans: A cup of steamed green beans has 44 calories, making it an ideal place to calm hunger and not gain weight snack.

6. Carrots: For its high content of beta-carotene is a very effective detoxifying food and reducing cholesterol levels in the blood. Eat them with some chili powder or cayenne pepper to stimulate weight loss.

Another very good option to satisfy hunger without gaining weight without sacrificing taste, are popcorn with pralines, I love them! They are delicious and very healthy, or snacks are also organic apple, mango, or strawberry and banana are my favorite.

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