Soup recipe low calorie vegetables

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How thin vegetable soups taking?

When you think of dieting, one of the recipes that you should always have on hand is the soup recipe low calorie vegetables. This light soup vegetables will help you take your hunger with fewer calories to lose weight faster.

Ideal in winter, but also very rewarding throughout the year, vegetable soups are an irreplaceable horse battle weight loss diets.

Please thee soups or not, you must admit that hard, you can do without these dishes based on vegetables and very low in fats, in your battle against the specter of hunger.

Why consume vegetable soups

9644798-sopa-de-verduras-fresca-de-jud-as-verdes-guisantes-zanahoria-patata-pimiento-rojo-tomate-y-puerro-enIn particular, this vegetable soup will be very useful for a diet, because it is among the foods that take away hunger, as it has a high satiety value. The satiating power of vegetable soup is derived from the fiber rich ingredients.

Furthermore, addition to the intake volume satiating effect which enhances its hot broth. This is the reason why states have soup as a first course meals. The soups are true allies to limit your intake volume.

Although indicated take this soup before meals, you can also use it whenever you feel hungry. Thus, you can satisfy your appetite and avoid eating more caloric foods.

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How many calories per serving provides this soup?


This rich soup recipe made with vegetables, has a yield to no more and no less than 4 lots, which will provide only 120 calories in total.

Incredibly, the calories per serving of this tasty soup does not exceed 30 calories per serving. Note that this amount of calories equivalent to what gives you a cookie or candy water. Food far from sated, you stimulate appetite.

Preparing vegetable soup low in calories

40 grams of carrots
40 g of pumpkin
150 grams of spinach
20 grams of turnip
40 g leek
40 g onion
1 liter of water
Seasonings to taste.
Wash the vegetables and cut into small pieces.
Place in a bowl raw vegetables with a little water.
Simmer with covered container.
As the water evaporates, go adding the remaining liquid.
Keep simmer until fully cooked.

This soup recipe low calorie vegetables will provide few calories in a volume, taking off your hunger. It is ideal for a slimming diet. Try it!

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