Stuffed chicken breast light

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40858098-filetes-de-pechuga-de-pollo-sin-procesar-en-el-fondo-de-maderaWith vegetables, tofu and lots of flavor

Stuffing the chicken is one of the great ways to enjoy it in a different way. So you just have to try with this simple recipe, which is completely low in calories and you can even use it to invite friends or family.

Chicken breasts are great for dieting, as it is one of the least calorie cuts in beef. All you need to do is eliminate fat, skin and other undesirable ones and you will have a world of possibilities ahead when it comes to incorporating new recipes into your everyday life.

Have you tried them stuffed? You can then follow this recipe, with which you can even invite people and entertain them with something completely light and delicious. Plus, it’s all a lot easier than it looks. You just have to get down to work and cook this dish.

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Two chicken breasts
100 grams of tofu (you can use cottage cheese or ricotta if you do not)
A little bit of egg white
A bunch of spinach
Half an onion
medium pepper
A stream of soy sauce
Required amount of vegetable broth for cooking
Salt, pepper and herbs

In the glass of a blender, place the tofu, the egg white, the previously cooked spinach, the onion and the pepper. Add a tablespoon of soy sauce and also salt, pepper and some herbs to season. Process the mixture until you are well homogeneous, but with pieces of each of its ingredients. Obviously, you can do it by hand if you want a different texture.

On each of the breasts, draw a cut, as if you were to make a pocket to it. Right there, you have to enter the fill. Close them by sewing them or, much more simply, with a toothpick, stick or stick. Seal them on both sides for a few minutes in a well-heated skillet sprayed with vegetable spray and bake them with some herbs, sprinkling them with greased vegetable broth so they do not dry.

To accompany you, you have only to prepare a rich salad. Or even add several vegetables to the baking, so that they are made in the oven and thus enjoy them later as a garnish. Generally speaking, a great light recipe, as it is extremely complete.

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