Stuffed light squash with tuna

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11193807-Pumpkin-pieA mixture of warm and cold temperatures for your diet

The pumpkin is great to be included in a diet. While it has calories, compared to a potato, it provides many better nutrients. A good way to prepare it is clearly stuffed. In this case, the proposal is mixed, since the pumpkin will bake, but then stuffed with a tuna salad. You will see how delicious it finally turns out. You just have to try it, following the recipe light.

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Half pumpkin
A can of natural tuna
Half an onion
A tomato
Chopped chives
A spoonful of lemon juice
Half a spoonful of mustard
Half a tablespoon of olive oil
Salt, pepper and herbs

Wrap half the pumpkin in foil and bring to the oven with salt, pepper and some grass. Cook until tender, over medium heat. Remove from oven once ready and reserved. Drain well the tuna and mix with the onion cut in feather, tomato diced and a little chopped chives, which will give you the infaltable green touch. Season with salt, pepper, mustard, olive oil and lemon juice.

Now you will not have to hollow out a little warm squash and stuff with this tuna salad. Thus, it will be ready to be enjoyed at the table. A very simple and nutritious recipe, that will bring you very good benefits. In addition, it is satiating and well complete. Do not forget to try it.

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