Summery salad of watermelon and pineapple

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The Fat Decimator System

7176518-wather-melonA fresh and tasty salad slimming summer

Fruit salads are always phenomenal all year. But, admittedly, in summer they are even more. You can try this delicious blend of watermelon, pineapple and other perfect ingredients for the summer season.

Summer is now almost a reality throughout the northern hemisphere and there is nothing better than take advantage of this season to eat lots of fruit. This is satiating, diuretic, has fiber, cleans the body, alkalized and definitely is one of the best allies you have to lose weight.

When summer arrives, significantly increases the number of fruits you eat per day and leaves aside much hot food, both carbohydrate and things that do not add anything to your diet. One of the many ways you have to lose weight through delicious recipes, summer is eating a salad as you will learn below. Watermelon and pineapple are the main ingredients, but not alone.


The Fat Decimator System

A cup of watermelon cubes
A cup pineapple cubes
A small cucumber
An orange wedges
Juice pummelo one or two
Sweetener allowed to taste

Peel the watermelon, remove the seeds and board a cup of this fruit cut into cubes. Subsequently, also cut into small cubes cucumber (seeds and peel) and pineapple. Cut the orange into segments, preferably live, without having anything white skin and seeds. Mix all ingredients, which sprinkle with the juice of one or two grapefruits. It goes without say, recovers any kind of juice that may have been lost during power cuts.

Sweeten with stevia or other noncaloric sweetener of your choice and leads to the refrigerator for minimum one hour. When the salad is very fresh, you can take it and will delight and refresh. It is diuretic, the effect of cucumber and watermelon; It has fiber and fat burning properties, through pineapple; It offers vitamin C and clean your body through its citrus components. You see, it is much more than a rich and fresh summer salad.

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