Sweet and sour chicken skewers

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37071589-brochetas-de-pollo-en-un-plato-blanco-con-verdurasA perfect light recipe for the holidays

The end of the year is coming and it is not always easy to satisfy the culinary cravings of all participants. But there are always good variants, especially those that combine the virtue of being light and very tasty. These sweet and sour chicken skewers are a perfect example: marinated breast with a delicious sauce and roasted with pineapple cubes. Are you going to miss it?


A chicken breast without skin, fat or bones
One tablespoon of sesame or sesame oil
One tablespoon grated ginger
A clove of minced garlic
Three tablespoons soy sauce
Three tablespoons of orange juice
A cup of diced pineapple
Salt and pepper

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Place the diced chicken breast in a deep bowl. Add chopped garlic, grated ginger, soy sauce, orange juice and sesame or sesame oil. Leave to macerate in the refrigerator, covered with film or covered, for at least a couple of hours. This marinade will give a spectacular flavor.

The next step will be to build the skewers. As simple as sandwiching a chicken cube with a pineapple cube. Cooking in oven, hot skillet, iron or, much better, the grill. Dora these pinchos on all sides, you will see that they are caramelados by the effect of the pineapple. Also do not forget to paint them with the liquid of the marinade during the cooking. They will be wonderful and a simple recipe.

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