Table of glycemic index of foods

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15085858-tomates-frescos-en-la-vid-y-un-corte-en-una-caja-de-madera-sobre-un-fondo-blancoGlycemic index for weight loss

The glycemic index is the increase in blood glucose caused by various foods, according to the content and type of carbohydrates to provide the body. To use this index has been implemented table glycemic index foods, which will allow you to know the glycemic index of leading food, both is for the treatment of diabetes, as well as for the management of diets like the South Beach Diet To lose weight.

Knowing the table glycemic index (GI) of foods is very useful to design your own weight loss program, as it allows you to know the foods with lower GI.

The lower the glycemic index cause less impact of carbohydrates on blood glucose and fat accumulation in fat tissue.

So you can know this Glycemic Index is important to divide up tables IG, IG middle and low GI. Knowing this information can choose which foods to eat without thinking about the calories they provide.

High glycemic index table
Food Percentage of IG
Corn syrup 115
glucose 100
Rice flour 95
Baked potatoes 95
white bread without gluten 90
Cereal (Corn Flakes) 85
white hamburger bun 85
85 pre cooked rice
Corn starch 85
cooked carrot 85
Mashed potatoes 80
pumpkin 75
Mashed potatoes 80
Rice pudding 75
Datil 70
chips 70
ordinary rice 70
Ravioli wheat 70
Brown sugar 70
Mijo 70
French bread or baguette white 70
Cornmeal 70
croissant 70
risotto 70
Medium Glycemic Index Table
Food Percentage of IG
couscous 65
Spelt 65
Corn or Corn 65
jam 65
boiled potatoes 65
Fruit ice cream 65
Berrataga or beet 65
Raisins 65
plantain 60
honey 60
Durum wheat ravioli 60
Pizza 60
Icon pinterestensalada caprese
Low glycemic index table
Food Percentage of IG
ketchup 55
yuca 55
papaya 55
Red rice 55
cassava 55
brown rice 50
Potato or sweet potato or yam 50
kiwi 50
Crab sticks or surumi 50
handle 50
blueberries 45
comprehensive couscous 45
Centeno 45
Pan roasted 45
grapes 45
raw beans 40
Quinoa flour 40
Pepino 40
lentils 30
chickpeas 30
30 almond milk
eggplant 20
artichoke 20
Chard / spinach 15
15 almonds
celery 15
broccoli 15
Aguacate 10
Spices (parsley, basil, oregano, vanilla, etc.) 5

As you can see, those foods that have lower glycemic Indide are to be consumed in greater proportion, and thus carbohydrates take longer to get into the blood and facilitate the mobilization of organic fat.

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