That baking properties has to deflate the belly

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What are the properties of baking soda to slim the tummy?

Often, some chemicals gain prominence under their properties. Such is the case of sodium bicarbonate.

No wonder, since the benefits that bicarbonate are many and varied. However, it really has properties to deflate the belly? and if so, what are specifically the effects of sodium bicarbonate slimming tummy? Find out in this article.

If you have ever abused meals and drinks and have resorted to this old home remedy to relieve symptoms, you know that digestive and antacid properties of sodium bicarbonate are unmatched. However, that would end the potential effects of sodium bicarbonate to deflate the belly.

16479869-cucharada-de-bicarbonatoIndeed, even though some people speculate the alleged properties of baking soda to lose weight, regardless of its benefits as an antacid and other applications in the home, no scientific studies attesting to its use to slim the tummy. Moreover, the consumption of sodium bicarbonate is contraindicated if you have kidney, heart or blood pressure problems.

Remedies with baking soda to deflate the abdomen

You can use the baking soda in combination with lemon juice to deflate the belly, if your belly is due to digestive problems.

If this preparation of baking soda with lemon to deflate the abdomen does not convince you in this video are some other alternatives that promise the same baking results.
You should not consume if you are pregnant or nursing, or administer it to your children under 12 years. In addition, some medications may interact with sodium bicarbonate, so in any case, only a doctor can indicate the desirability of their use and proper dosage.

Keep in mind that more than the recommended dose could put your health at risk and, in less serious cases, not providing the desired slimming effect.

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