The rice soup to lose weight

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13439336-Rice-with-cilantroRice soup to lose weight

Rice is a cereal that can be very useful for fast weight loss and lose weight naturally, especially if it is brown rice. To get all the properties of this cereal, you can prepare it in different ways, even as rice soup.

Soups are great allies of weight loss diets, they provide satiety, lots of liquid and the specific properties of the vegetables or cereals they contain. This time, I’ll give you the recipe for brown rice soup to lose weight.

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While you can use white rice, brown rice has extra benefits like fiber and natural antioxidants that allow you to improve intestinal transit and cell functioning.

Rice Soup Recipe to Lose Weight

2 liters and a half of homemade or light vegetable broth.
1 cup brown rice.
2 chopped leeks.
1 sprig of celery.
1 sprig of parsley.
5 leaves of chopped basil.
2 carrots cut into cubes.

Add the stock in a pot and add the rice, and cook for 5 minutes.
After that, add the rest of the ingredients, stirring occasionally, until cooked, in about half an hour.
Remove from the fire and drink.
Beyond taking advantage of the diuretic properties of celery, basil and parsley, and the purifying benefits of brown rice and carrot; This soup is satiating. To reduce hunger, it is best to drink this soup before lunch or dinner. You can even reduce the anxiety of eating by taking this soup between meals.

With the brown rice soup you can lose weight, through different mechanisms. So do not miss it and add the brown rice soup to your low calorie diet.

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