To lose weight, according to science, reason is not what counts

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The size of the dish, something entirely secondary

According to several studies, use a smaller plate would not necessarily be a useful trick to losing weight. Read the note and learn more about it.

Again, the wonderful blog “What science says slimming” Luis “Sentinel” Jimenez has shown an interesting series of investigations that point to demystify one of the most instituted within the weight loss gimmicks trends. And this is to use a smaller plate to lose weight.

Many people believe that taking a smaller portion, are enabling thinning. This comes on the heels of that one does not eat much for using a smaller plate. But science, or at least several of these recent scientific studies, they are not so according to this issue.

205883-vegetariana-plato-en-el-restauranteLuis cites at least four studies where it is evident that the size of the dish does not help much to eat less to reduce caloric intake nor shape the figure. These studies were meta-analysis, monitoring and other issues that allowed stating that there was virtually no difference. And if there was one, it was so scarce that hardly worth rebuild the homey dishes.

There are also some works that speak in favor of this practice, and some are set in the color of the plates used. This is likely to result in some people, but in no way can one speak of a kind of rule.

Undoubtedly, more than the size of the dish is to be used, the most important is what you put into it. You can get to their big dish but full of salad greens, grated zucchini, beets and seeds. Or you can have a small dish, but with refined flour and processed products.

There you see the difference: probably the second option, that of the small plate, has many more calories and harmful to your body that big bowl of salad. If a person might eat a small plate and you feel satiated. But also does not remove the possibility that go and recharge with more food.

Retrain nutritionally, eating natural products, not abusing carbohydrates and avoiding processed, refined and developed not only the most interesting and effective way to lose weight: It is best for the health of your whole body in general. Have a large bowl, or a small hand.

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