Tomatoes stuffed with light squash

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10117846-rojo-cereza-tomate-y-lechuga-ensalada (1)An easy and satisfying recipe

Stuffed tomatoes are always a good food choice for any menu that claims to be reduced in calories. Although it will depend a lot on the filling that they have to know if they are light or not, in this recipe you can trust blindly. They carry inside a light mixture of pumpkin and the pulp of the tomatoes, added to a crust that is gratin in oven. A great recipe for winter.


Four tomatoes
A cup of pumpkin puree
An onion
A spoonful of grated cheese
One tablespoon of breadcrumbs
A spoonful of various seeds
Vegetable spray
Salt, pepper and herbs

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Cut a kind of hat to each tomato and spoil them until completely removing all its inner pulp. Condiment them inside with salt and pepper. Meanwhile, brown the finely chopped onion in a frying pan with the vegetable spray. Then add the pulp of the tomatoes and a good serving of herbs to season it, forming a kind of sauce. Mix with pumpkin puree.

Fill each of the tomatoes and drizzle over with a mixture of grated cheese, breadcrumbs and seeds (sesame, chia, etc.). It forms a kind of crust and leads to a strong oven until gratinen above. So, you will have a good recipe to eat this winter: light, satiating and tasty.

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