Tonic soup recipe

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Properties celery, parsley and leeks slimming

If you want to debug your body, so your body to function properly or if you want a low calorie diet supplement, I recommend you make this recipe for purifying broth, which combines the properties of celery, parsley and leeks for weight loss.

Do you come from a string of disruption in the food and beverages? Need detoxify your body? Well then, this recipe for purifying broth is right for you. 😉

Beyond the excellent properties of celery, parsley and leeks to debug your body and lose weight, this vegetable broth is really very appetizing.

9691206-apio-picado-en-la-tabla-de-corteUndoubtedly, this simple recipe can be your ally, not only to help detoxify your body and lose weight, but also to keep satisfech @ and energy, despite restrictions on intake, you impose your diet.

Why this wine consumption can help you debug your body?

It’s very simple! The reason must search its components,

Celery. In principle, this plant is an excellent diuretic that helps eliminate excess fluid and waste from your body. In addition, celery also helps to lower blood cholesterol levels, if you have them high.
Parsley. Meanwhile this is a detoxifying herb luxury that increases your kidney function, preventing withhold fluids and toxins.
Leeks. What to say about this vegetable exquisite! Leeks are rich in fiber, which stimulate your digestive system, speeding up your bowel movements. As if that were not enough, also they added its diuretic effect.
How to prepare this delicious soup tonic?

some celery leaves
a sprig of parsley
½ dozen leeks
Clean and thoroughly wash all vegetables.
Cut the roots of the leeks.
Place in a bowl with a liter of water.
Add the celery leaves and parsley sprig.
Boiled for 5 minutes.
Let it cool.
How should you take this tonic broth to detoxify your body?

Take 2 cups per day.
Do it for at least 10 days.
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Remember that you can have on hand this recipe for purifying broth, in addition to a low calorie diet.

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