Tortilla light of peppers

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41978789-omeletta-huevo-con-el-jam-n-y-las-hierbas-huevos-bio-y-poco-de-jugo-de-lim-nEgg white omelet with peppers and vegetables

Tortillas are always a great choice when eating. But, needless to say, they are not always covered in a diet. This is not the case of this light pepper omelet, that you can be sure.

An omelet is something that everyone wants to eat and often can not. It is logical, when you are dieting, you have to restrict this kind of preparations, like it or not. But always, fortunately, there are many alternatives that can be put into practice. It will be a matter of creating a light alternative with some vegetables and some ideas of proper cooking.

For this recipe, it will be a light of peppers and other vegetable omelet, you will no longer have to use egg white, previously processed vegetables and then follow the steps will you described. It is a very easy, tasty and perfect with a simple salad plate. You just have to try it.


Two egg whites
Medium red pepper
Medium green pepper
Medium yellow pepper
Media carrot
A garlic clove
A stream of soy sauce
vegetable spray
salt and spices pepper, to taste

Place in the bowl of a mixer previously peppers cut into pieces without seeds or nerves. Add carrot and garlic clove, and a stream of soy sauce. Process until a sort of puree. Mix this with the egg whites until blended together, then seasoning with salt, pepper and some spices that you can get to like this type of preparation.

In a hot skillet sprayed with vegetable spray or in a baking dish, simply place the omelet to cook. Once browned on one side, with the help of a spatula and a plate, you turn and finish cooking the other. So, you have this omelet ready in minutes. And, as you can see, a completely light recipe, which does not even carry egg yolk. Do not forget to try it, you will not be disappointed.

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