Truffles salty light

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Pecking and all those little things to eat are often a weakness for anyone. But better prepare them well light. Try these savory truffles, completely low in fat and calories.

So that, broadly speaking, we could define as “pecking” is usually one of the banes for the diet of anyone. They eat little by little, you think you do not add a lot of calories and suddenly, you’ve eaten more than you thought and your regime has gone overboard in minutes. But what good have this kind of food is that you can take them in light version without any problems.

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Today’s proposal is to prepare savory truffles, starting with white cheese spread 0%, cucumbers, carrots and some touches that give the right flavor so you can enjoy this recipe. They are very light and can be prepared for when you have to receive guests. Or just when you think about it! Do not forget to try them.


white cheese spread 0% as firmly as possible
A carrot
A handful of gherkins
A few drops of Worcestershire sauce
A few drops of lemon juice
Sesame seeds or toasted sesame batter
pepper and chopped fresh herbs salt,

Pica pickles and carrot as finely as possible. Place them in a container where condimentarás with Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, salt, pepper and fresh herbs. Then start adding the cheese to form a paste or cream, you should stay fairly firm (the cheese should be cold) and manipulable.

Form small balls with this mixture, rebózalas on toast sesame seeds previously, wrap them in plastic wrap or make sure they are firm to bring the refrigerator. Once they are well cool the solid-and truffles, for more than repita- and will be ready to be enjoyed by the whole family. Simple, healthy and fully fit to put as a starter or to enjoy without guilt when hunger attacks you.

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