Veal stew light with carrot

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11966577-asado-de-ternera-con-patatasA winter recipe with meat and vegetables

Beef, as long as it is very lean, can be used to lose weight without any problems. You simply have to combine it with the indicated ingredients and use a method of cooking that does not affect the dish too much. This is how you can prepare a light veal stew and carrot, perfect for this coming winter. The final result will be light and delicious.


200 grams of lean beef meat suitable for cooking
A large carrot
An onion
A piece of pepper
A celery stew
Two tomatoes
One cup of defatted vegetable broth
Salt and pepper

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It is worth noting: you must have patience to prepare this light stew of veal and carrot, as it will take your cooking time and make everything boiled, without previous fry. This will subtract a remarkable dose of calories, since it does not even take oil this preparation.

Cut the meat into cubes and place it in the pan, where you will add the diced onion, the diced carrot, the pepper in strips, the chopped celery and the shredded tomatoes. Also incorporate the broth and some herb of your preference (thyme and bay will feel wonderful). Cover the pan and let cook over low heat for as long as necessary. The meat should be super tender and should form a thick and appetizing sauce. It may take more than an hour.

So, when the recipe is ready, you will simply have to correct salt and pepper before serving. It does not even need trim and its method of cooking is well light. A great recipe to combat the low temperatures that are looming.

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