Warm salad of mushrooms and green leaves

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35534115-saladA healthy, low calorie choice with different textures

Are you tired of always eating the same garnishes? Do you want to try a different salad, which gives you flavors and textures? Well then, you should not leave aside this delicious choice. It is a mixture of green leaves with freshly sauteed mushrooms. It generates a warm effect on the dish that feels wonderful. Oh, and above is totally light. You just have to try this recipe.


Arugula, lettuce, watercress, spinach and green leaves that you like
150 grams of fresh mushrooms (mushrooms, gyros, portobellos, etc.)
A piece of purple onion
A medium beet
Two tablespoons pumpkin seeds
Soy sauce
A spoonful of orange juice
A tablespoon of olive oil
Salt and pepper

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Thoroughly wash and dry the green leaves you have chosen, then arrange them in a container suitable for salads. Cut the onion in fine feather and peel the beet, which you will thus grate in raw. Add to bowl of salad. Cut the mushrooms into slices and sauté for a few minutes with a few drops of soy sauce. Incorporate them into the rest of the ingredients.

When serving, to season this dish, you will need a tablespoon of orange juice and also one of olive oil. Mix well. And, finally, toast the pumpkin seeds and add them, which will give a delicious crunchy touch. This salad is perfect to accompany a grilled chicken breast or also a grilled steak.

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