Why chips are the worst food for your diet

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25204567-vista-desde-arriba-de-las-patatas-fritas-en-el-fondo-blancoA food that you should never eat to your health

Without doubt, the chips are one of the most harmful food you can find for a diet. Read this article and find out why.

Potato chips are a favorite food of millions of people. Accompanied by a good hamburger is junk food dish par excellence. However, is not new, they are one of the worst foods you can include in your diet. Fried pure carbon hydrates (sometimes also other oil and fat) and savory.

A bomb of calories and fat. Approximately, and depending on their size and frying process 100 grams of chips can contain more than 400 calories, 25 grams of fat and carbohydrate 60. These numbers are estimates based on a classic potato size, as you eat in fast food stores.

The history of the chips begins as a fast food marketed in the Parisian streets in the early eighteenth century, while the end of the next century and sold to the form with which you know, in the United States. Meanwhile in homes also they began to cook and then manufactured industrially packaged to sell at any kiosk, and became so popular dish you ate more than once, no doubt. Despite being a quick and dear food it is not at all healthy.

A study by the Journal of Medicine New England is the least recommended a diet food. A group of researchers decided to follow 120,000 people for 20 years, reviewing your eating changes and their influence on the increase and decrease in body weight. They were weighed every four years and each participant gave a detailed list of foods consumed. All participants, on average rose about 8 kilos in this period.

The fries are the most guilty of the rises in food weight. On average, 28 grams a day was the average consuming this group of 120,000 people, about 0.77 kilo increase in four years. While other diets as enemies of sweet foods (desserts, candy) rose 0.19 kilo on average. But the calories, fat and carbohydrates are not the only ones guilty of this weight gain. Addiction is another important factor in this problem.

There is a brand of chips whose slogan “A you can not eat just one” has turned the world with its language adaptations. But the idea is the same, the chips can be addictive. If you open a package is difficult to eat one, two or three, go for the whole package or dish if necessary. Always bearing in mind that processed foods are the worst, and this is no exception, as we all go through various processes that remove nutrients and returned empty calories.


The University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, with his group of specialized professionals conducted a study in rats showed that potato chips (without restrictions) are also addictive for them. The researchers gave a group fed normal rat food and other chips. They then analyzed what happened in his brain. Those who ate potato chips ate more calories and did not have any control with food. The MRI showed that brain activity between the two groups was very different.

Particularly those who ate potato chips showed less activity in areas of the regulation of satiety and energy, while the most active were those related to appetite and reward. According to those who conducted this study they are similar to the effects of drugs and all thanks to the carbohydrate-fat-salt combination.

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