Yogurt and sesame light sauce

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23690432-bol-de-cristal-de-crema-blancaPerfect for salads or Arabic food

A yogurt and sesame sauce can be a great light option for changing your salads and other dishes, without having to risk your diet. Come on, you can eat rich sauces, light and low calorie without going to pang. You will see it with this recipe.

One of the things that make people desist from dieting is to always have to eat the same things. Going to salads and, for example, avoiding sauces are two issues that irritate many. But, really, this is nothing more than an absence of ingenuity or versatility at the time of the election. Neither the salads have to be always lettuce and tomato, nor the sauces should always be suppressed.

Not only that you can enjoy both of them without any problem, but you can even turn a simple salad into something delicious from the hand of this yogurt and sesame or sesame sauce, totally light and absolutely tasty. You will not need many ingredients and will decorate your dishes in a unique way.

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Half cup of nonfat yogurt 0% natural
One and a half tablespoons lemon juice
Half a tablespoon of sesame oil or sesame oil
A garlic clove
Salt, pepper and chopped parsley

Crush the clove of garlic in a mortar or against the bottom of a cup until it is as far as possible. Add the lemon juice and then the natural yogurt. Stir in the sesame oil and blend well until the ingredients are completely integrated and you are ready for this sauce.

Before using it, do not forget to season with salt, pepper and chopped parsley, thus combining really diverse flavors. It is perfect to accompany vegetable salads of all kinds. It is also good with steamed vegetables, green leaves, cucumber and, of course, Arab foods of all kinds. You can use it for a falafel or simply also to give a different flavor to a grilled chicken or steak. Versatile, easy and delicious. Do not hesitate to try it and you will see that it will surprise even and strangers.

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