10 permitted and restricted Foods for obese patients with hiatal hernia

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15029981-vegetablesFood for obese patients with hiatal hernia

While the hiatal hernia can be an independent disease overweight, there are many obese people suffering from this disease. So if you suffer from both conditions and do not know what to eat, I invite you to have these foods allowed 10 and 10 restricted foods.

There are many medical complications, especially gastrointestinal complications, which must be taken into account when making a diet to lose weight. This should be tailored to all those suffering comorbidities who need to lose weight. Such is the case of those who suffer hiatal hernia.

To start is important to know what is hiatal hernia.

What is hiataly hernia how it relates to overweight

Is a health problem characterized in that a portion of the stomach rises into the chest through a hole in the diaphragm. While not clearly defined the possible causes, there are some risk factors. Within which is obesity.

If you suffer from overweight or obese you are more likely there is an increase in abdominal volume causing pressure on the abdominal organs, and force the passage of stomach fluids into the esophagus through the hiatus.

While medical treatment necessary to correct this situation, food plays an important role. Therefore, do not miss to know the foods allowed and banned for obese with hiatal hernia

Food for obese patients with hiatal hernia

10 allowed foods
Cooked vegetables and fruits. If you eat cooked vegetables and fruits, fiber is modified and spend less time in the stomach, therefore not cause reflux and irritation.

Cooked meats or very, very crude or subdivided. For the same reason that cooked vegetables the more cut the meat are easier to be your digestion, and thus cause less reflux. Moreover it is important that cooking is half a point, for your digestion easier.
no whole grains. One objective is to reduce the consumption of fiber. Whole grains have a lot of insoluble fiber, so in this case it is preferable not to consume whole grains, but in small portions and only as a complement to meats.

ground seeds. To add some fiber to your diet, you can make it through the steamed vegetables and ground seeds. You can process sesame, chia seeds or other that, after that you can include in other preparations. Tolerance test with just one teaspoon of these ground seeds.
ground nuts. As the seeds can be ground nuts, following the same procedure and consuming the same amount.
fat dairy. Fat foods cause reflux, so choose low-fat or low-fat foods. In the case of cheese, choose white spreadable.

digestive infusions. Infusions that help you digest such as chamomile, lemon verbena or boldo are useful not only to favor the passage of food through the digestive system, but to help you lose weight. Please note these infusions in warm drink form.
Oils of vegetable origin. Only and only if they are to flavor cooked vegetables or purees.

Water. Water is the best drink and whether natural best to help you hydrate and eliminate toxins.
Candy. Just jams or sweets made with sweeteners. Too much sugar can also cause reflux.

10 foods restricted
Butter or margarine. These fats are very difficult to digest and remain long in the stomach, which can damage the hiatal hernia.
Meats rich in fat and very cooked or very raw. The aim is that foods remain a short time in the stomach, so the meat must be half a point.

Raw vegetables. They are rich in fiber that can cause reflux.
Fresh fruits with skin or shell. Also they are rich in fiber which the stomach takes too long to digest.

Hard-boiled egg. The hard-boiled egg provides a lot of satiety to stay long in the stomach, so if you want to eat egg that is part of a pudding or souffle.
carbonated and sugary drinks. The gas and sugar are two ingredients that should not be part of a diet for obese patients with hiatal hernia.

Sweets, pastries and cakes kneaded. All these foods are rich in sugars and fats that cause reflux and irritation.
Whole seeds and dried fruits. Eating these foods in this way can irritate the entire digestive tract, causing bloating and reflux.
Smoothies or juices. These drinks, although removed hunger can also cause reflux, so it is best to eat fruits and cooked vegetables.
Coffee. Coffee is a drink that can cause reflux, so it is best avoided.

If you suffer from overweight and hiatal hernia, you must take into account these foods allowed and restricted to reduce your symptoms and to lose weight.

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