8 effective tricks to win the battle against cellulite

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6559169-celluliteHow to delete your orange peel

To win the battle against cellulite, there are at least 8 effective tricks you can not ignore. Josep Masdeu gives you the keys so you know how to keep your skin orange stripe. Take note.

Keep your skin orange at bay with these 8 effective tricks to win the battle against cellulite

Drink water fasting and between meals.
Consume algae. The algae are fed directly by osmosis in seawater. His wealth is unimaginable and as they feed on the same elements of the cell, do not use exposed to risks of allergies or rejections.

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Incorporates pineapple to your diet. Pineapple, has the ability to help in the digestion of heavy meals. It has an enzyme that helps break down proteins produced abnormally, including those that cause cellulite.
Maintain a healthy diet, it is advisable that you reduce salt intake, consume protein, fruits and vegetables, limit fat and carbohydrates, as well as excessive consumption of coffee, preserves, sweets and spices.
Rinse in cold water: A cheap method is a cold shower every morning to tone your skin.
Apply special gloves massage: Massage Gloves are easy to use and very practical.
Drink herbal teas daily: The tisanes, for a drain, made of artichoke, dandelion, chicory, olives, thyme and lavender drain your liver to remove toxins. The witch hazel, ginkgo and red vines have venotónica draining action and of hawkweed, alisma or meadowsweet have a renal action. It is not advisable to drink more than a pint of herbal tea a day.
Consume Vitamin E: Vitamin E protects your veins and your arteries. It is better than consume naturally. It is found in wheat, soybean oil, raw fish, and oilseeds (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.).

Keep in mind that the more natural the safest treatment will be.

Want more tricks effective to hold off your cellulite and win the battle against the orange peel? Look for them in beauty tricks to combat, reduce and prevent the formation of cellulite and localized fat, where to find more advice, tips and recipes.

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