A nap, ideal to activate the metabolism of the thyroid

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A sleep a little bit to improve the endocrine system

Did you know that according to a recent study nap might be good to activate the metabolism of the thyroid? Well, then do not go to lose this note, which will give desire to throw you for a while.

The nap is a taste that almost everyone likes. While it may help to follow up with more batteries, sometimes it can cost a bit to get up. But there is no doubt that has several benefits such as helping to promote memory and blood circulation, also can prevent stress.

Experts say the ideal place to relax during the evening time is between 20 and 30 minutes, while others argue that it is best to sleep until the last phase (REM), which can take nearly an hour and a half, and not everyone has the time available .

10168077-almacenar-incharge-durmiendo-en-un-cami-n-de-mano-en-un-almac-nThe nap is very common, a must when you’re small, with two or three a day, but almost disappears between five and eight years and come back when you’re older and obligations are a thing of every day, which can exhaust yourself enough.

This brief period of sleep during the afternoon can also help activate the metabolism of the thyroid. One study found that naps help restore hormones and proteins related to stress and strengthen the immune system.

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism conducted a study in healthy men who had rested only two hours a night. This group of 11 men between 25 and 32 years were subjected to a thorough study, where everything was controlled from sleep, even food and lighting.

The first night they slept for eight hours at night, during the second night they slept two hours and the third had an unlimited break. During the day they had two naps of 30 minutes each. Every day their urine and saliva was analyzed to see how sleep and rest alter hormone levels.

After enjoying unlimited dream norepinephrine (stress hormone that reacts) increased 2.5 times. This hormone affects blood sugar, blood pressure and heart rate. After the siesta there was no change.

The night I slept two hours caused the immune system be adversely affected. While after naptime remained stable.

This desmostró to nap, far from being a whim is almost a necessity of the body, helping to counteract the negative effects of lack of sleep during the night and also restricting sleep schedule as it helps systems neuroendocrine and inmunilógico recover after increases or decreases their normal levels.

This data is particularly encouraged those working long hours in many or those who do night shifts. Nap every day to help your body stay healthy and improve the problems caused by lack of sleep during the night.

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