Ayurveda tricks for hypothyroidism

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17181723-ayurvedaThyroid problems, according to the optical ayurvedic

The natural medicine of India, traditional, known as ayurveda. This practice, of course, also has his tricks to help in the fight against hypothyroidism. Do you walk malfunctioning thyroid? Then try one of these dietary advice that offers you this ancient wisdom.

What is ayurveda?

Ayurveda is neither more nor less than all natural medicinal tradition (combined with a strong dose of spirituality) used in India since ancient times. Obviously, for every problem that may arise, it aims to provide a solution, always with tight vegetable world practices, spices and foods that have been part of its history.

When speaking of hypothyroidism, Ayurvedic medicine also has its own thing to say. For this reason, if you want to try the methods that the tradition of ayurveda has to offer in the face of these thyroid problems, do not hesitate to follow some of the advice you will see below. Everything is to stimulate the proper functioning of the thyroid gland to be active metabolism and to control your weight more easily.

List of feed ayurveda tricks against hypothyroidism

Consume coconut oil: Without a doubt, this is the quintessential medicinal food having ayurveda when fighting hypothyroidism. It is believed to be very good to stimulate the gland function and, above all, to motivate your metabolism, two fundamental things in cases of sluggish thyroid.
Prepare a rich barley and cucumber salad: Both barley and cucumber are highly regarded food to stimulate the function of the thyroid gland. Consumes kitchen and cold barley mixed with said plant; You’ll see how rich and healthy salad that make both ingredients in combination.

Avoid at all costs sour, acidic and heavy meals: This is one of the most recurrent within the feed ayurveda advice. It is not to eat sour, acidic or too heavy meals, as would be the cause of the thyroid malfunction and lethargic metabolism. Everything not want to happen.

Eat plenty of watercress or prepared juices with him: He is known as jalukumbhi in Ayurvedic tradition and is usually always indicate when you have problems related to the malfunction of the thyroid gland. By nature, it is rich in iodine vegetla, which already is very good for this kind of problems. You can consume in rich salads or add it to your juice extractor for all its properties directly.

Prepare a mixture of spices: Both the dry hot pepper, like black pepper and ginger powder can help you, according to ayurveda, to combat hypothyroidism. Prepare a mixture with the three elements equally. Then, when you eat, take half a tablespoon mixed with water or a glass of warm milk. Do it twice a day and will surely improve your thyroid metabolism.

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