Bariatric surgery reduces uterine cancer

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7280272-varios-cirujanos-que-rodean-el-paciente-sobre-la-mesa-de-operaci-n-durante-su-trabajoObesity as a risk factor for endometrial cancer

Obesity is a disease that affects health for different reasons, it is even a risk factor for endometrial cancer. As a result, an investigation revealed that bariatric surgery can reduce cervical cancer in a high percentage was made.

Recently, the magazine “Gynecologic Oncology” published an interesting research showing that bariatric surgery in women with severe obesity can reduce cancer of the endometrium (uterine cancer) by 71%. Even if you maintain normal weight over time, this percentage increases to 81%.

According to certain data are known, there is a relationship between obesity and uterine cancer. Therefore, it is an alternative treatment for those who suffer from obesity and they have risk of uterine cancer.

Obesity is a disease itself, but which itself may be a risk factor linked to the emergence of other diseases. The best known are cardiovascular diseases and metabolic diseases, but there are other conditions, such as endometrial cancer.

Thanks to several studies, the relationship between increased body mass index (BMI) and the risk of endometrial cancer was analyzed. Women who have a BMI of 40 would have up to 8-fold increased risk of endometrial cancer compared with women with a BMI of 25. Even you think that this risk may increase as BMI increases.

Obesity is associated with endometrial cancer, because excess fat increases estrogen levels, which are hormones that are associated with the creation of tumor and metastasis. Moreover, obesity causes chronic inflammation that increases insulin resistance and thereby further increases estrogen levels.

It is important to know that the highest percentage of endometrial cancer is estrogen-dependent, and obese women tend to have higher concentrations of estrogens are synthesized from adipose tissue.

It is important that women with a high BMI aware of the risks this may cause, even if it is not as well known risks as if they are hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia or diabetes.

This is great news for women who are obese and also have chances of developing uterine cancer because bariatric surgery is a determinant to prevent and avoid a large percentage solution.

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