Causes of bulimia

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7210065-mujer-con-placa-de-apio-y-equipos-deportivosPsychological, biological and social factors that cause bulimia

When a disease originates is always for some reason, bulimia no exception to this rule. Always to understand why an eating disorder arises is necessary to know what are the causes that lead, for example, a young girl inducing vomiting to try to lose weight or mitigate their anxiety. We try to figure out what causes that can trigger bulimia.

There is always a first time, even to induce vomiting or taking laxatives or diuretics in an effort to lose weight quickly and mitigate the anguish caused by overeating. But … what are the possible causes that lead young to suffer from bulimia? Then I try to answer this concern.
What causes bulimia?

Everything has an origin, including bulimia, something that triggers it and it becomes an uncontrollable habit.

When we talk about causes, we must say that the onset of bulimia is not due to a single cause or factor, but may present one or several in combination.

Biological causes
Hormonal disorders, since in adolescence, is when some hormonal disturbance may arise, leading to suffer from bulimia.
Genetic predisposition.
Overweight people who need to lose weight, make strict diets, which bring even more anxiety.
Psychological causes
Contempt for others or themselves.
Pressure to feel beautiful and loved by the other.
Depression, anxiety. That is why this disease mostly affects teenagers, as at this stage is where the greatest sense of anguish and need for approval from peers and adults occurs.
They have their distorted body image, they feel ugly and fat, there is always a girl or a model with which they want to be compared and have your height, your body, your hair, etc.

Emotional problems within the family.
Social causes
Need to belong to a group.
Need to feel loved and admired.
Associate success and perfection thinness, is very important in this role models through advertising in the media in general.
Determine the cause or causes that can trigger bulimia is very important to achieve implement a treatment that is effective and prevent possible complications of bulimia

What’s behind bulimia?

Bulimia like anorexia are eating disorders that can occur in pure or combined. This silent disease causes millions of deaths worldwide. So to understand a little more about it it is important to know what is behind bulimia and how it relates to obesity.

Bulimia mainly affects adolescent women aged 12-18 years. Although in recent years the percentage of males in the same age group with the disease has increased.
It is a disease that is hidden, so when parents are unaware of this situation is that it has already affected the health of the sufferer. Who suffers from this disease suffer in solitude.
The food becomes an obsession. People who suffer from this condition often occur strong “binge” of food and then vomiting. They feel guilt and shame for their actions.

The bulimic person does not accept his body, but not be overweight. It not accepted as it is and thinks that if not thin anyone will accept. For them thinness is synonymous with social acceptance and hence of personal acceptance.
There are genetic, cultural and individual factors such as low self-ideal of thinness, poor conflict resolution, etc.
The media are very important because they show an ideal of beauty that is not always healthy. There have even been cases of deaths of models due to anorexia or bulimia.
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How bulimia and obesity related?

More and more children who are overweight and obese, because eating habits were changing over time there. Junk foods high in calories and fat are added to the increasingly less physical activity.

Today, children spend many hours in front of TV, video or computer games and also eat uncontrollably This situation leads to. in stages such as adolescence, many of these children fall into situations of bulimia or anorexia.

This is because they can be mocked by their peers, or may be pressured by their parents to lose weight. Besides seeing in all the media that he who is “thin” and “cute” is successful.

All this relates to obesity with bulimia. They are trying to be thin, to be accepted, but may not contain the urge for food. So they are involved in a vicious circle from which they can not leave.

Only when the disease begins to affect health, the people around them realize the problems of these teenagers.


The best prevention is information and family communication. Teenagers are very vulnerable, so the family plays an important role in this stage of his life.

If your child is overweight or obese; help him, accompany it in your diet, it is part of it. Thus you feel content. Raise your self-esteem and make him notice that he is worth what it is, not what they look like.

Remember to consult your doctor with any questions or concerns.

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