Childhood obesity: children can take apple cider vinegar for weight loss?

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Risks of alkaline remedies for children

Obesity 11 year old girl
I wonder if a girl of 11 years can give apple cider vinegar and how much
Sent by ovalle maribeth

Hello Maribeth: Children have different needs to that of adults, their requirements in vitamins, minerals and nutrients are different from those of a higher, since they are in constant growth stage which involves the formation of tissues, muscles, bones , etc. So if your child is overweight, contact your pediatrician so that together (you, your girl and doctor), establish the best eating plan for overweight children according to their needs and activities developed.

9747900-ni-o-saltando-obst-culo-en-ejercicio-trailThat way you guarantee you that despite this with a diet to lose weight, be well nourished and grow healthily. It is advisable that from such an early age begin making diet or taking products such as apple cider vinegar, which guarantee a rapid decrease in weight. Crash diets can adversely affect children, because you can get used to go from diet to diet to try to lose weight.

Also, vinegar is an alkaline food that can bring some risks to children’s stomach. In this video you can see how to make vinegar and which are contraindications.

If you make a diet under medical supervision, you can not only lose weight but also learn to eat and this will serve both for the present and for their adult lives.

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Are overweight children can take apple cider vinegar capsules?

Apple Acid
They may be given to overweight children capsules Apple cider vinegar? … please Complement since age and for how long … .mil thanks

Posted by Lily Navarro
Hi Lily: treatment for overweight children should be as natural as possible, unless otherwise medically indicated, children should make a

diet low in calories appropriate to their age.

While vinegar capsules are based on a natural compound, feeding in childhood is very important because children need nutrients essential for the proper growth and physical and mental development, even being overweight or obese.

If your child is overweight, you should reduce:

Rich in fats such as snacks, sauces food (ketchup, mayonnaise, etc.)
Kneaded pastry, cookies
Regular soft drinks
The diet of a child must always contain:


Lean meats
Whole and whole grains
Skim milk
Light soft drinks or water
It is important to know that the child should incorporate new habits, such as:

Physical exercise
Eating at the wrong time
Respect schedules
Respect portions
The important thing is to consult your child’s pediatrician, to the east and you will advise the best treatment for him.

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