¿Cosmetic surgery is necessary to remove excess skin?

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7280272-varios-cirujanos-que-rodean-el-paciente-sobre-la-mesa-de-operaci-n-durante-su-trabajoPostbariatric surgery to remove excess skin

When you undergo bariatric surgery is common for weight loss have excess skin, and perhaps you wonder if cosmetic surgery or surgery to treat Postbariatric necessary. This is a very important concern that should be taken into account.

¿Cosmetic surgery is necessary to remove excess skin?

One of the obstacles you may find if you undergo bariatric surgery, excess skin remaining after having lost many kilos more. If this is the case, it is important to know the response of one of the most important concerns in weight-loss surgery, cosmetic surgery is necessary to remove excess skin ?.

Bariatric surgery achieves decreased overweight 50% of cases and also reduced obesity-related diseases. Nevertheless, with this type of surgery you lose a lot of fat and consequently different degrees of sagging occurs.

In many cases it is necessary and advisable to perform a cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin, not only because this skin involves a few extra kilos, but because it can affect self-esteem. This surgery is known as Postbariatric surgery.

What is the Postbariatric surgery?

The Postbariatric surgery involves performing several surgeries, which allow the patient to remove excess skin and model the figure after weight-loss surgery. This type of surgery has a period lasting up to 8 hours.

This treatment is to improve different aspects such as removing excess skin, tuning waist, stretching the abdominal skin, fat sustained reductions back, buttocks and thighs definition.

In this treatment different techniques are used, such as lifting (to remove skin and excess fat), mastopexy (lifting and firming the bust), abdominoplasty (to firm flabby abdomen), lipectomy (to remove excess skin waist circumference) and liposuction (to remove fatty tissue in the back). It is important to know that these techniques are not performed at the same time but at different times.

Risk of flap surgery

Being a surgery always has risks and possible complications, although it is always important to know that all safety measures are taken to avoid such complications.

One of the complications that can exist is anemia, because extracting much fat and / or skin (between half kilo to two kilos) much blood is lost, therefore a blood transfusion may be necessary.

It is very important hygiene and controls after surgery to prevent infection.

If you have any idea submit to bariatric surgery, you need to know that after losing much time you will have excess skin, so I check with your doctor for all your questions are answered.

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