Do I need to exercise before and after bariatric surgery?

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33545679-fitness-instructor-en-clase-de-ejercicio-para-personas-con-sobrepesoPhysical activity as a supplement for weight loss surgery

If you are considering bariatric surgery as a solution to lose weight, you might wonder if needed or not exercise before and after the surgery, in addition to such treatment.

Many may believe that weight-loss surgery alone can be enough to solve the problem of overweight, but it is necessary to make a comprehensive approach to realize the full potential of these surgeries. It is therefore important to answer all concerns and determine whether or not physical activity serves as a complement to such surgery.

Do I need to exercise before and after bariatric surgery?

The answer is Yes. Exercise is necessary before and after weight-loss surgery. Why?

Physical activity before surgery is a very important pillar, because you need to lose weight before reaching the surgery. To do this, you have to make a special diet and exercise controlled by qualified personnel. Also, these new habits will serve to that after the surgery you continue along this path.

Moreover, exercise after surgery is very useful to keep weight, because although at the beginning you lose a lot of weight, then you can rise again some weight. Therefore, exercise is a habit that should be part of your life. No need to spend money on a gym, walking, running or biking is enough to burn calories and maintain a neutral energy balance (calories consumed = calories burned).

Bariatric surgery is the solution for many morbidly obese or severely overweight adding to other risk factors such as diabetes. Nevertheless this is enough not only because the main objective is to change lifestyle and diet that allow you to maintain the weight loss you achieved with this surgery.

Nothing will do this surgery to lose weight, if you do not perform exercises and diet to maintain weight loss. Remember that it is always advisable that a professional activity do you suggest that fits your needs.

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