Do vitamins fat?

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Caloric intake of vitamins

Not only the carbohydrate, protein and fat are important part of a balanced diet, vitamins and minerals are also essential for healthy weight loss.

But sometimes in doubt about whether vitamins or fat or not whether or not calories. In this note I will answer all these questions.

Vitamins are considered essential micronutrient for life, are called essential because the body can not manufacture. You can only get them through food.

Many people doubt whether vitamins fat or not or whether or not they contain calories. The question would be, is it?

Do vitamins have calories?
Vitamins are not fats, or proteins and carbohydrates, so no calories. So they do not get fat.
Do vitamins fat?
8016976-manzana-roja-destac-ndose-de-numerosa-de-manzanas-verdes-forma-horizontalVitamins do not get fat because they contain no calories. Moreover in certain controlled protein diets, such as DAP diets, vitamin supplements and minerals are administered to prevent a shortage of them.
If sometimes you take vitamins to gain weight, this may be because there was a previous deficit of vitamins. This leads the body to consume more food to fill this gap. Vitamins addition enhance absorption of different foods.

But these situations are exceptional and relate to the consequences that can leave restrictive diets without medical supervision. To avoid falling into these gaps and think that vitamins are fattening, it is advisable to make a low calorie diet with proper medical supervision.

Types of vitamins

Keep in mind that vitamins are divided into two groups:

Soluble: vitamin C, B complex
Fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K.
You need to know this information because:

Water-soluble vitamins are not deposited in the body, the excess is excreted in urine, without causing inconvenience.
Fat-soluble vitamins are deposited in the body and may, cause certain disorders related hypervitaminosis.
So remember this information and if you have any questions about vitamins you are taking, check with your doctor.

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