¿Do you know why your metabolism slows down?

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4320401-mujer-corriendo-por-la-playa-al-atardecerFactors that negatively influence the process of thinning

If you feel that despite the lower than expected no diet, your metabolism may be slow. If you want to know why, consider some factors that negatively influence the process of thinning.

Metabolism converts what you eat into energy. For each activity you do, even without realizing it, such as sleep, breathe or digest food, it needs energy. This energy is obtained from what you eat. If the metabolism becomes slower, instead of wasting energy, saves the organism.

Causes of slow metabolism

So as you can increase metabolism, also it can be reduced. It is therefore important to know the factors that can cause this slowness.

300x250Age. As you advance in age, muscle mass decreases and fat tissue. This process reduces metabolism. In general, muscle mass is lost from age 25, therefore it is important to practice physical exercise to replace the fat by muscle tissue.

Lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits and some drugs slow the metabolism. Fasting or skipping meals is also a way to reduce the body’s metabolism takes to survive. Therefore, to increase metabolism, it is suggested to eat every 3 to 4 hours.
Eat slowly. When you eat fast, the calories you eat cause an abrupt increase in blood sugar. Tissues can not accept such a quantity of sugar, it accumulates within the cell, triggering a decrease in metabolism.

Hypothyroidism. When the thyroid gland does not work properly, causing a metabolic imbalance that involves reducing the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.

Diabetes. Those who suffer from diabetes often have a slower metabolism. It is believed, high levels of blood glucose savings provoke a reaction of the body, as this meant as there is excess energy to use. This causes a reduction of metabolism.

Poor sleep. Sleep little and badly reduced metabolism. Apparently not only decreases metabolism, it stimulates hunger.
Environment. The environment where you live affects the metabolism and stimulate the metabolism cold climates, the warm weather reduced.
These factors may adversely affect your metabolism, but the good news is that it can be reversed, either by improving eating habits, doing physical activity and sometimes taking medication to balance certain body hormones, such as in case of diabetes or hypothyroidism.

Tips and tricks to speed up metabolism

If you suffer from slow metabolism begins to reverse its causes.

Keep your muscles as not to allow age makes your metabolism to slow down.
Do not be sedentary, eat several times a day (but sparingly) and try to eat nutritious and low-calorie foods.
Take time to eat, will give more fullness and body you believe you’re eating more.
If you suffer from hypothyroidism, take medication if your doctor tells you and take an adequate diet.
If you suffer from diabetes, carries a low carbohydrate diet to ward off and prevent glucose metabolism is put into savings mode.

Get enough sleep per day.
In hot weather you should eat lighter because the metabolism slows down naturally.

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