Does the coconut oil diet for hypothyroidism?

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An oil with much potential health

It is known that hypothyroidism is one of the problems related to obesity over the world. Then, contributing elements in the diet is essential. Do you know coconut oil and its benefits to this problem?

No doubt that the problems of hypothyroidism become very complicated for those who want to get fit. First, metabolism declines significantly, also causing changes in mood and overall health. Slimming costs a lot and whatever you eat the wrong way goes to the belly.

For this reason, consider some products that are good for the hypothyroid diet is essential. Every good information helps. And the use of fats in the diet, something that no one should ignore, becomes essential.

It is very likely that most uncompromising combination to overturn the traditional vegetable oils. But medical sources indicating that an excess of polyunsaturated fatty acids, as the vast majority of such oils, often act negatively on the thyroid function because it inhibits the secretion of a hormone. To do this, the answer may become coconut oil.

9555903-aceite-de-nuez-de-coco-naturalWhat is coconut oil?

The coconut is a fruit that has many lipids within its interior. But for many years it was frowned upon because their fats are saturated. It was considered a bad arteries and health cover. Something that changed dramatically with the investigations being carried out, which has amply demonstrated that it is one of the healthiest oils in the world.

Its fats are saturated, but natural. It also has medium chain lipid and lauric acid, a substance that is very beneficial and outweighs any bad thing that could have this oil. Still, as the name says, it remains an oil. And, therefore, do not abuse too much of it.

How does it benefit the thyroid?

Apparently, coconut oil, through its lauric acid content, contribute significantly to enhancing the metabolism of the thyroid and improve its operation in general. It also increases energy consumption, being a direct source of this.

“The medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil is very interesting because it is not normally found in our diets otherwise. Unlike the long chain representing animal fats, medium chain that is small enough to enter the mitochondria, the energy factory of the cell, where they can be converted directly into energy “. These are the words of Nigel Turner, head of Australian research on coconut oil, to keep feeding the goodness hypothesis that this product would thyroid.

What other benefits?

Besides being a great source of energy and have proven to be a kind of healthy fat, coconut oil is also an excellent fungicide and antibacterial. Its use is widespread for this kind of problems, both internal and external use. So, you can apply both a poultice, as I take it tablespoons to enjoy its anti viral benefits.

How do you use it?

Like any oil is used. But unlike any oil which is generally liquid, coconut oil is usually in the less creamy solid.

There are other similar products such as coconut milk (very similar in consistency to cream) and butter, coconut oil stronger. Both also have interesting application possibilities.

With coconut oil can do everything. It can be used for cooking, spread on a food, to add at the end of a plate of rice for healthy pastry (if you use whole ingredients), as well as desserts and dressings.

If you want to eat something sweet with him, you can try to process a banana, a tablespoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of chia seeds. Bring the mixture to the freezer, stirring every half hour so it does not crystallize, and will enjoy a great ice cream raw vegetables with many properties.

If you want to use something salty, I employ it to prepare a salad dressing Thai style. Mix a tablespoon of coconut oil, two of lime juice, chopped cilantro, a bit of a chili or hot pepper, salt and a touch of minced lemongrass or lemon grass. And then used in your favorite salad, on your fish and even on a piece of chicken. It is cuestón cheer.

In addition, coconut flavor that usually give to food ends up being wonderful, both sweet and one savory dish.

Where can you get?

Currently, it is a fairly widespread product. You can easily get in Latin America, since it’s a product produced in Brazil and exported to neighboring countries. In supermarkets have good variety of products in health food stores and health food stores and in Asian stores, where it is used enough.

Perhaps the most important against it is that its price is usually something high in some places. But performs much, and sometimes better to put the money on something healthy for yourself, you end up spending it on anything that might end up being unnecessary.

Would coconut oil diet solution with hypothyroidism?

Definitely not. Think about changing the oil in your food you are changing only part of it, but not everything. That is, it is not a miracle product, but it will help activating your metabolism, incorporating lauric acid and offering an alternative that seems, it’s great for the drawbacks of hypothyroidism.

Of course, the combination of proper diet, plenty of exercise and the help of all that contributes to improve thyroid function and raise metabolism, will be the key for you to lose weight or keep weight with hypothyroidism.

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